Frequently Asked Questions

Female driving instructor in Luton

 How many lessons will I need?

 Can I book my test now?
  Shall I start revising for my Theory Test now?
 Which books do I need to study for my Theory Test?
 Which car will I take my Practical Driving Test in?
 Do you offer discounts to students?
 How much is the Theory Test?
 How much is the Practical Driving Test?
 Do I need to have passed my Theory Test before starting learning to drive?
 Can you help me with my Theory Test?
 What car will I be taking my driving lessons in?
 Can I be picked up from one place and dropped off at another?
 What will I need to bring with me to my first driving lesson?
 I've never driven before and I'm extremely nervous. What will I do on my first driving lesson?
 How long will my driving lesson last?
 How long will it take to reach practical driving test standard?
 How long does the practical driving test last?
 Are there any books to help me with my Practical driving Test?
 I'm a student at University and only come home during the holidays. Is it possible to take my Practical Driving Test quickly?
 Do you have any special offers or promotions running at the moment?

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