What I offer

Female driving instructor in Luton

New Introductory Offers You would be Crazy to miss out on! See Special Offers Now!

Good quality lessons, formatted, setting objectives and achieving them. Refresher Lessons for those who are a bit rusty, lacking in confidence and need a little encouragement.

Motorway lessons for those who want to venture out and see the World! Ok, maybe the countryside, but develop the confidence to get on-to and off motorways, encourage journey plans, develop road awareness and safety skills. Also develop self-preservation skills for women on motorways especially what to do to prevent your car from breaking down and what to do if it does.

Pass Plus Course, an excellent course for those newly passed to develop essential road skills in various hazardous driving conditions such as all weather driving, busy town centre driving, night driving and motorway driving. You also get 1/3 OFF your insurance bill for your 1st car!

Nervous pupils welcome. I can put you at ease and ensure your lessons are fun and informative with plenty of hands-on practice. I will choose areas which are quiet to start with, yet challenging, you can't go wrong!

Theory Test Question Books, containing ALL the 1000 questions that you could get in the Theory Test. This Question & Answer, Multiple Choice book is a must for those of you who haven't passed the Theory Test yet! Normally priced at £9.99, I can offer a considerable discount per book, call me and see how I can help.

For those of you who are nearly there, mock tests are given to find out if you'd pass your real test without having to sit the real thing! This where I role-play an Examiner and carry out a pretend test. This provides an accurate gauge of how good you are and how you would be for your Practical Test.

With all this on offer, I also prepare you for what happens on the day of the test, what happens in the Test Centre, what questions The Examiner will ask, what you need to do regarding the eye-sight test, what he/she will ask you next and more. Wanna Drive School of Motoring provides an all-inclusive package with no hidden charges and EVERTHING thrown in!

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