The NEW Practical Driving Test in Luton

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The Practical Driving Test will be conducted by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and can be taken at your local Driving Test Centre in Luton. The Practical Driving Test lasts around 40 minutes and during the test your Examiner will be looking for an overall standard of driving. You must show that you understand the Highway Code and the theory of driving safely and that you are able to show this in your driving throughout your test, including the set exercises.

The Driving Test is straight forward and has been designed to see if you:

  • Can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions

  • Know the Highway code and can show this in your driving

At the Test Centre you will meet your Examiner who will:

  • Verify your Provisional Licence (the Photo card)

  • Be asked to sign a declaration that you are a resident of the UK and that your vehicle is Road Taxed and Insured for the purpose of the Test

  • You will then be asked if you would like your Instructor to attend the test with you.

The Examiner will ask you to lead the way out of the centre where you will then:

  • Be asked to read a number plate at around 20.5 metres- if you fail this, your test will not continue and you will lose your fee.

  • Your Examiner will ask you one vehicle safety check questions

  • (from the listed Tell Me questions).

The Practical Driving Test will last up to 40 minutes, you will need to drive to a good safe standard and will also be examined on your ability to reverse your vehicle safely.

Part of the drive will include 20 minutes of Independent Driving with their SatNav Tom Tom Start 52, where you will need to demonstrate your ability to drive unaided to a specified destination.

If there are any issues with SatNav reading, audio sounds or any other part of this New Learner Driving Test, please mention this first to your Instructor and then when you book your Driving Test. Extra time may be allowed for any special needs cases.

You will be asked to perform the "Show Me" part of the test within the Independent Driving with the SatNav as well as any planned manoeuvres, for example, the Parallel Park and or The Pull Up on the Left or Right. There is now a possibility of committing a Serious Fault with the "Show Me" part of the test.

The Turning in the Road and the Reversing Around the Corner will no longer be tested but will be taught by your Instructor.

You may also be asked to conduct an Emergency Stop exercise.

To pass the test you must avoid:

  • Committing any more than 15 minor driving faults

  • Committing any serious or dangerous driving faults

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With a Driving Test success you will be given a D10 form which will be required when applying for your full driving licence (normally done by your Examiner automatically). You will be encouraged to take up The Pass Plus Scheme which will include developing practical skills needed to drive on The Motorway and more.

Applying For The Practical Driving Test

 By Application Form- available from your Instructor or your local Driving Test Centre

 By Telephone- 0300 200 1122

 Or Online

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