About Me

My name is Hemlata Patel but everyone calls me Hem! I'm married with two grown up children. Who have now both passed their Driving Tests with their Mum! Been Driving since I passed first time, when I was 18, over 25 Years!

Over 13 years ago, I decided I wanted my own business. I knew I had a passion to teach and I love Driving. Driving gave me a sense of Freedom, Empowerment and Independence. That's when I was Inspired to become a Driving Instructor!

10 Years on, after a recession and many students later, I'm still going strong!

I put this down to my personal moto:

I stand for Quality, Value for Money and I promise to ensure that each pupil learns something new each purchased hour every hour gauranteed!


That's what my company's about.

Quality, Value for Money & Reliability Always!

I'm highly competitive and committed to what I do. I believe that if you enjoy what you do then you will endeavour to give it your 100% every time everyday and that's precisely what I do.

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So if you're happy with my credentials why not Click here to call for FREE now! You can talk to me personally and we can come up with a driving course training plan tailored to your specific requirements!

My Pass Rate is now running at 75% for First time passes which is much higher than the national average of 43%! But don't just take my word for it,Click Here to see what my pupils have to say...

The Future is Here:

  • Teaching less-abled students, (I have already successfully taught a deaf student who passed his test on the second attempt)

  • Taught successfully a student suffering from severe stammering

  • I have also taught a student with Aspergers' Syndrome successfully who is now awaiting to complete his Theory Test.

  • I have taught many non-English speaking students.

  • I understand Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and learning to speak Urdu and I am fluent in Gujerati.

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