Female driving instructor in Luton

At Wanna Drive, pupils can participate in either semi-intensive courses for those who have already passed their Theory Test or all inclusive intensive courses for those not taken their Theory Test and with little or no driving experience.

As a guide, the DSA says that it takes on average 45 hours worth of professional tuition to reach test standard. If you have had no experience of driving before, please bear this in mind as you may require more lessons than you think so extra time should be allowed for this.

It is recommended that no more than 25 hours tuition is taken in any one week. This is because pupils do not gain the full benefit from their lesson time when doing more than this.

I have a high reputation at my Local Test Centre and it is important that you take advice from me if I believe that you require more lessons. I am under no obligation to take you to the test if I believe your driving is dangerous. To use the car on test you will need to reserve two lessons from your block-this gives you a lesson before the test to run through everything and the hour of the test itself.

If you have any further questions about Wanna Drive Courses then why not click to call or email me and I will endeavour to answer any questions you might have.

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